Dyeing continued


Today the dyeing has continued. Continued with much better result too. Soon, when the washing machine stops, I have ten dyed pieces of fabric and only one to go. That one will have to wait though, it’s too late to do another load today. But ten out of eleven is great work and seven of them was done today so I’m pretty darn pleased with myself, especially after the disaster yesterday.

Dye hard


I’m in the middle of a complicated dye job and have been so all day. I need to dye eleven pieces of cloth in different colors and so far I’ve dyed seven of them. Unfortunately only three can be used so I’m a bit bummed right now. This means I have to re-do these four catastrophes together with the four I haven’t touched yet. That’s a lot more dyeing than I bargained for and most of it needs to be done tomorrow.

I should really go to bed now so I can manage this little dye incident without screaming. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Before the avalanche


As you can see from the picture, I’m in desperate need of a project basket. A nice wooden basket where I can keep all my work-in-progress and also some leftover yarn. The current system, where I put everything on the chest-working-as-coffee-table isn’t really a lasting solution. Sometimes I need a little more coherent time to finish something and while waiting for that I leave the project out since I’m afraid I would forget about the project if I don’t see it. What you can’t see, can’t exist, sort of.

So, it’s obvious I need a project basket, especially since Christmas approaching increases the amount of projects. Hopefully I can sort this out before everything goes totally overboard and you’ll find me after New Year’s buried under an avalanche of projects. That is a sweeter prospect than the one Bridget Jones saw in her future (” I suddenly realised that unless something changed soon I was going to live a life where my major relationship was with a bottle of wine… and I’d finally die, fat and alone, and be found three weeks later half-eaten by alsatians.”) but nontheless, it would be better if neither of it happend. So, project basket it is.

A hat for love

I realize I’ve forgotten to show you the hat that I made Julle early in September so here it is. Or rather, here Julle is in his new hat.


The hat is called Toppkremla from Yllotyll. I followed the pattern completely but wasn’t happy with how it looked

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on, too big somehow, so instead of adding a thread to make the hat slouch a little backwards, we folded it instead to make it a beanie.


The yarn is Silk Blend from Manos del Uruguay. The color is called 4635 Agusta. It’s nicce to work with.


I’ve realized though that I don’t like working with 40 cm circular needles though. The needles are too short so I have to change the way I hold my hands and thus disrupt my entire knitting flow. It also hurts my hands a little. I think I will only use dpn:s or a magic loop technique when making hats in the future.


I like the hat a lot though and so does Julle so all is well that ends well.

Good-smelling elevator

This has not been my afternoon. A lot of things just went wrong. It all started with too much butter in my chocolate chip cookies and then it just went downhill from there. (In my defence I want to add that my recipe is American but my ingredients are, for obvious reasons, Swedish and American recipes measure butter in sticks or in tablespoons whereas Swedish recipes measure butter in grams. Hence it’s pretty hard to figure out how much 1,5 sticks or 12 tablespoons of butter is in grams. I can tell you that 250 grams is too much though.)


So the cookies traveled a little too much for my taste on the baking tin and became very big and very flat which resulted in them being a little too crispy and not as chewy as I would have hoped.

Next thing that happened was that when I hurried out the door to get to bobbin lace class with my purse and bobbin lace pillow in one hand and my cookie jar in the other the latter slipped while I was in the elevator and when I came down to the ground floor there were many cookies on the elevator floor but not as many in the cookie jar. I scooped them up as much as I could and went back up to the apartment to get another cookie jar. This time I had some help and made it to bobbin lace class without further adventure. Also, my sweet bobbin lace classmates said the cookies tasted very good despite the butter overload.


My new lace is called Corn Flower and Ear of Rye. It needs 21 pairs of bobbins, that’s more than I’ve ever used before, and it has corners which I’ve also never done before so it was quite a challenge. This also means that it was pretty hard getting started and my teacher had to sort out the beginning for me because of all the bobbins. We all agreed on that it’s better to use all four bobbins when you make a stitch (for lack of a better word), since not using all four bobbins blows everything (as you see we were very deep in our reflections). Eventually Heléne got it all sorted out so that I could begin to understand it and by the end of the class I was pretty sure of what I was doing.

We’ll see for how long that lasts though, since this afternoon has been quite challenging on my peace of mind to say the least. I have a pretty good-smelling elevator though.

One step at a time


It seems as if I actually listened to myself yesterday. I’m being a responsible knitter and have started to sew together a sweater. Hopefully I can keep this responsible knitter with me all week and then I will have sorted it all out I think. There’s still a lot to do though but one step at a time. First I’m going to

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sew this together and then I’m going to congratulate myself for a job well done and then I’m going to take the next step. What an awesome plan, don’t you think?

Knitting Attack IV


The knitting attacks seem to drizzle quite frequently lately. I don’t know why but I seem to be at odds with knitting in general. I finish nothing and everything I touch goes wrong. I need some undisturbed knitting time to sort it all out, to sew together the toddler sweaters, to figure out which pearls to use on the Bold Colors of Nature yarn club September shawl, to practise my intarsia knitting, to finish the next clue on the Fall Mystery Knit Along, to actually get somewhere on the red shawl I cast on a few weeks ago. Yes, all those things would be lovely.



Something that also need some sorting is the shawl I cast on today. It looked really delicious (if a little resembling a kissel I remember from my childhood that tasted awful) and it was so easy to count the stitches since they were all different colors.



Unfortunately tough, the yarn is too variegated to work with the pattern. I’m not sure what to do with it but I’m pretty sure I will have to unravel it all. I’ll look for another pattern but I’m just so tired with everything working against me right now that I desperately need something good. We’ll see.



This weekend we’ve watched a few episodes of the TV-series Monarch of the Glen, set in Scotland. This has made me feel a little obsessed with intricately cabled sweaters, totally disregarding how I usually don’t like making cables since it slows me down a lot. I just feel though, that if I made a pretty sweater I would love making those cables. Well, I’m going to try, cables are elegant and

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robust at the same time, so as soon as Christmas knitting is done and everything calms down a bit I’ll start searching for a pattern. Then we’ll just have to wait and see.

Pink dessert


I’m spending the evening

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eating pink dessert! Could it possibly be better than that? I don’t think so. I also have tea and my knitting so this is a pretty darn content knitter wishing

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you an equally lovely Saturday evening!