As I mentioned yesterday, the sweater I started two weeks was blocked last week. It was a quick knit which was lucky because the color resembles dishwater if anything and is quite boring (I’ll tell you why I picked it another time) but will fill it’s purpose I think.


Apart from the dishwater sweater I’ve also finished two shawls in a dark and brownish color and if I look at the projects I’ve cast on this week, it seems as if I’ve had some kind of penned up need for color.


As you can see, there is quite a contrast between new projects and the old one. Colors, colors, all I want to knit is colors. Happy colors! I remember a children’s book when I was a kid about a world that was all gray and boy that was tired of all the gray and decided to paint the world in all

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kinds of colors – red, orange, blue, green, yellow. Then there was some kind of authority who told him he had to stop painting which made the boy even sadder. In the end he met a girl in a blue dress and a red hat or something, she was wearing colors and they became friends and then the world was not so gray anymore. I’m pretty sure I needed something different after this color deprevated period and that shows in my knitting. So, I’ll embrace my need of color and keep on knitting.