Neutral colors hat

Some years ago I had a little hat mania and made hat for a lot of my friends and myself. It was an excellent hat for me, since I have a lot of hair that I often wear up, I need a hat that can fit all that hair without looking weird. The answer came in a hat that had little foldings in the back which which tilted the crown of the hat backwards and thus made it big enough to fit my hair but without it looking like a lot of hat everywhere. Since I liked the hat I also gave it to my friends.

A few weeks ago my dear friend Lyndsey told me that she had lost her hat. She had worn is so much over the years and brought it with her everywhere but now it was completely lost. She was very sorry about loosing it and asked if I could make her another one. Of course I could, if no one ever lost their hats or mittens or scarves, or if no washing machine ever ate a sock, knitters would be out of work. Plus, you don’t want to know what happened to my hat. There was dirt after a winter’s use and there was a washing machine and then there was much less of a hat but at least the dirt was gone.

I asked Lynds what colors she wanted and she said that any neutral colors would do. Now, I am not really a fan of neutral colors. They tend to bore me and make me sick of a project much quicker than non-neutral colors do. I thought and thought what colors I would use and then I thought that if I, instead of thinking “neutral”, thought “classic” I would have a much easier time choosing colors. This worked out much better for me and as you can see below, the result was great!


This is 5013 Veck i nacken by YlloTyll.


The yarn is Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, colors 19 Vit and 55 Ljusbrunmelerad. I think it looks quite elegant. Can you see what I mean with the crown being in the back instead of on the top of the head? That allows for a lot of hair.


Here are the little foldings, it’s such a genius idea! A perfect way of keeping the style of the hat in place instead of relying on yourself to be able to put it on right every time and minimizing the risk of having a hat reseambling Santa Clause’s, minus the color and the pompom.

I think the hat looks great and I hope Lyndsey will too!