Knitting attack I


There is a segment in the Knitmore Girls Podcast called Knitting Attack, about when knitting attacks, basically. A knitting attack is when there is a major trauma concerning the knitting, something goes terribly wrong and you have a hard time recovering from it, either physically as in your physical knitting, or mentally. I figure that I have a lot of knitting attacks myself and should therefore make my own theme of knitting attacks here in the blog.

Today’s knitting attack is perhaps not a major trauma, it’s more of an example of one of those times when the universe pull a prank on you. I always knew that one day I would feel like I could pick up that sleeve on the toddler sweater again. You know, the one I abandoned back in June. One day I would feel that this was exacty what I wanted to do and it would go so easy. Apparently that day was today. I was having coffee (tea!) with my friend Vio and reached into my knitting bag to pick up my knitting. I almost surprised myself when I pulled up my hand and instead of holding the shawl-in-progress I had a red toddler sweater missing half a sleeve in my hand. Well, when destiny does this to you, you shouldn’t fight it but embrace that this is apparently the day that you will continue on a sleeve.

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So I started knitting. After a few rows I realized that something was a little off and for some reason I checked my knitting needles. One was a size 3 mm, just as it should be, and the other, it turned out, was size a slightly skinnier 2,5 mm.

For the past few months the sweater has been hidden on the bottom of my knitting bag and from the beginning it had all it needed to be finished – book with pattern, stitch markers, two sets of knitting needles and so on. But during the summer I have gradually taken those things out because I needed the space for other knittings, a book here and a knitting needle there and it seems that I have taken out two knitting needles but without checking to see if they were the same size. They weren’t and therefore I sat there today at the coffee shop with two different sized needles.

Well, you can’t fight destiny and if this is the day that I continue on that sleeve then I’m going to continue on the sleeve so I knit with my two different needles as long as we were at that coffee shop and I’ve decided that this is okay, maybe one sleeve will be a few millimeters shorter that the other but really, who will notice?

I took out another size 3 mm needle when I got home though, universe and destiny with all due respect but the toddler in question deserves a sweater with equally long sleeves.