What’s in a name?


Yesterday was bobbin lace class. My Flimsy Princess is done, or at least 20 centimeters of it, and I’ve started on a new lace – Three weave bottoms. Some lace names are just boring, this is like calling a sweater Stockinette Sweater. Informative but tells you nothing. What does this remind the designer of? What gave the designer the idea of this lace? This name sounds more like a test lace, an exercise to practise your weave bottoms (I have no idea what the different moves in bobbin lace is called in English so I’m just translating the Swedish ones, enlighten me or bear

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with me). Why would I put a test lace as embellishment somewhere? And I don’t think this lace is a test lace either, it’s pretty and deserves a pretty name.



I’m not sure what, though. From this angle it looks a bit like a crown or a pot of flowers. Crown Lace, could that be it? I’ll have to think about it for a while but it’s definitely worth more than what it’s got so far. One of my class mates is making a lace called Rose Quarter, which is really pretty. Someone else is making Icicles. Yet another one is making this guy along with the three ladies from the book by Elsa Beskow to form this. It’s all quite cool and so is my lace, it just doesn’t have a very romantic name. I’m on it, though.