Who are you?

The best thing about ordering yarn is that you get yarn in the mail and yarn in the mail, that’s my kind of mail. Yarn and Princess Post, those are the best. And invitations. Pretty much anything handwritten but since I am a sucker for packages I really like getting yarn in the mail.


This arrived today. Two skeins of hand dyed yarn from Nerd Girl Yarns. The color is Tardis Blue. I don’t understand half of the references to TV-shows and such at the Nerd Girl Yarns’ webpage (the ones I do get are hilarious though), I just know that the yarn is fabulous, but Agnieszka has explained most of them too me and it’s also she who has ordered this yarn. It’s supposed to become a tardis shawl. Apparentely that’s a reference from a TV-show called Dr Who. As you know, Agnieszka doesn’t knit but from her reactions to a picture of this yarn on twitter right now, she might start if I don’t cast on this shawl at the first possible moment. That or she’ll threaten me with my own dpns. I’ll lock the door though, I still have a sweater to finish. And, the first possible moment is a comparative term.