My kind of mail

I’m a little busy. I’ve had some tough meetings today and a close encounter with an unfriendly copying machine just when I was headed home made me really happy it is Friday today. I have huge knitting plans for the weekend. I want to finish a hat and also a shawl and start a sweater. Also, I need to do some studying and some writing and reading but besides that I’m just going to knit.

When I came back home and looked in my mailbox this day became a million times better. In there was a note that I had a package to pick up.


A huge package, totally my kind of fun because inside, inside was this:


A plastic bag. And inside that bag:


Yarn! My yarn order from Poland! I felt like a child on Christmas Eve (that’s when kids get their Christmas gifts in Sweden).

Now all weekend I’m going to play with these little cuties.


So many pretty colors, both springy ones and fall ones and also a little winter.


Just look at those yellows!
There are many projects in here. Hopefully a cardigan or two, a few shawls and wristwarmers and also some gifts.


My projects right now are very dark and it will be a true delight to cast on some of these yarns and overindulge in color and light and prettiness.


I’ve even got my hands on a brand of yarn that’s new to me, Holst garn. The colors are really pretty and I think I know people who would enjoy something from that for Christmas. (I really should stop just talking about Christmas and start to cast on instead, I’m kind of making myself stressed up about it. So, this weekend is about planning Christmas gifts and cast on a few so I feel that I make some progess.)

So yeah, I’m a little busy, I have yarn!