Lace use


I’ve made some progress on my princess. I can see why it’s called Princess Points, it actually looks like a princess crown being formed on my lace pillow. It’s not flimsy either but quite delicate. I’ve been thinking about what to do with the little laces I make and where in my surroundings I can use a lace or two. Well, curtains, clothes and handkercheifs¬†of course but it makes it harder to wash. I might trim a baby sweater with lace but that will have to be a sweater only to be worn on special occasions and I wouldn’t want to do that to a parent. Plus, how many special occasions can a baby enter before s/he grows out of it?

I think that I should be more creative than this and have come up with two more things to do with lace. One is to wrap them around nice jars of home made marmelade or jam and then give it away as Christmas gifts. The second is to use them to hang Christmas ornaments. For some reason lace seems more okay during Christmas. As do embroidered table cloths. Christmas is around the corner from a knitter’s perspective so I guess it’s not weird that I’ve been thinking about it lately.

If you have any other suggestion on what to do with the laces, just let me know!