Le chat est sur la table


I’ve studied for this week’s Polish class for the past couple of hours. As I told you, we’re starting with the alphabet and I’ve tried to pronounce different words that will illustrate different sounds. Now my throat is sore from trying to form these new sounds and phonemes and trying to make out how they differ from each other. There is an audio file and I’ve tried to repeat after that, it all feels like a modern version of the popular language classes in French and Spanish, that were around in the 70’s, where you listened to a tape that said “Repeat after me, please” and then you had to try to pronounce a sentence (preferable a sentence that you would never have use for in real life, like Le chat est sur la table – the cat is on the table). For example, Swedish does not differentiate between /s/ and /z/, they are both voiceless, which means I need to really concentrate if I want to pronounce the voiced /z/ and the likes of it and there are a lot of voiced sounds to differentiate between in Polish.

So, I will eat a cough drop and knit, preferably voiceless, for the rest of the evening.