Blueberry sprigs


While I was waiting for the Ice Cream Cardigan to block I cast on another little cardigan, based on yellow, blue and green. Still a little ice-creamy which was very nice and just what I needed back then. I think it more resembles blueberry springs though. I can’t believe I keep forgetting to show you what I finish but it is as if I’m so keen to cast on something new that I forget what I’ve already made. Some things need to be kept in secret for a while too, especially if they’re a gift.


This is obviously not for me but I’m not sure who will fit in it. I borrowed the stitch numbers from Doreen L. Marquart’s Modular Cardigan but knit it bottom-up and striped in differently.


The yarn is still some left-over Baby Eco Bomull from Marks & Kattens but the ball bands are gone and lost forever.


Another modification from the Modular Cardigan is that there are seven buttons instead of one. I really like those baby elephant buttons, I think they’re perfect for a little one.


It was such a quick knit! I made the body, button bands and one sleeve in just one day and then the second sleeve the day after. Granted that first day was a Sunday so I didn’t have to go to work and could knit instead.


This was the last of my left over yellow. It’s too bad it’s discontinued. The yarn makes everyone happy so why couldn’t we all just knit in it all the time? Well, there is other yellow yarn, I suppose. I’ll settle for them in the future.