Gotuję marmolade

Two important things have happened today. First my Polish class has begun. We started with the alphabet. Second, we’ve (not me and the Polish class but me and Julle) made marmelade.


It all began Saturday when I got a bag of apples from the apple trees on Heléne’s allotment. They were really good but not matter how good they are and no matter how much we eat we would never have been able to finish them all before they went bad. I’m not really fond of applepie and such so I thought we would do something else. Here the idea of making marmelade sprang to mind. Think about it, it’s fall, the apples are ripe, the days are getting shorter and you want to cuddle up in your couch drinking tea and eating a scone with marmelade. And what better than to make that marmelade yourself? I’ve never made marmelade before but neither had my mum the first time she made it and neither had you, so why not try it?


I searched the internet to find a recipe that contained apples and ginger, beacuse I thought that would make a good combination. I looked in the Swedish cook book Vår kokbok, probably the most used cook book in Sweden to get the basics about making marmelade, I learned a lot about pectin, and then I could go on with the recipe I’d found online.


All the while I was peeling the apples I practiced the Polish alphabet in order to combine my Polish class and my marmelade cooking. It went quite well and that’s why today’s title is “I’m cooking marmelade” in Polish.


It was actually quite easy and now there are three jars of apple and ginger marmelade in my kitchen! And it’s good! So, scones and tea anyone?