Garden work


Yesterday I was invited to tea at my bobbin lace teacher’s allotment and adjoining cottage (no, the cottage is not what you see in the picture, that’s the old playhouse). We live in such a small world, this very allotment is the one that my friend Sandra’s family had when I was a kid and we’ve spent many nice hours there, playing when we were kids and talking and having slumber parties when we were teenagers.


I remember a hammock and birthday parties and picking raspberries. I haven’t been there for over a decade, not since Sandra’s family sold it, and it was really fun to see the changes and reminiscense the old days.


It was a lovely day, really warm even in the shadow and one could never expect it was already September. We had tea and brownies and muffins in the sun and stayed outside the entire afternoon.


The apples are ripe and you can just put out your hand and pick them, almost without getting up from your chair. That was probably the only indication of fall, that and the longer shadows and earlier setting of the sun.


I love allotment cottages and gardens, they are just so cute to look at. Like a little miniature village and you can see that the people really love and cherish their allotments. Everything is meticulously groomed and there is flowers everywhere.


Obviously we did more than have tea, Heléne picked out her bobbin lace pillow and I had my knitting and we spent the afternoon there in the garden working on our projects. This is totally my kind of garden work. We even named the lace that Heléne was making, it only had a number before so we decided it needed a proper name. We agreed on Marigold, it felt right since it looked like flowers on a row and there were marigolds around us. I think I might have a go at it once my Flimsy Princess is done.


My knitting felt the exactly right colors, perhaps a little too dark for the sunlit garden, but brown and green was all around us and it felt suiting to have a brown and green knitting too. We totally forgot about time and all of a sudden it was too dark to even see the stitches! Next time I’ll bring something white, that should hold me for another half hour.