Knitmore Girls Podcast – a review


Lately I have enjoyed the wonderful late summer weather by taking power walks after work. First I listened to the radio but I wanted something more and started to search for knitting podcasts. I’ve never listened to podcasts before and now searched around for one that I like. I found the Knitmore Girls Podcast which is a mother-daughter knitting production run by Gigi and Jasmin from San Jose, California.

First of all, I like the title reference to the TV-show Gilmore Girls and it’s not an untrue reference either. Gigi and Jasmin seem to have a very close and warm relationship which shows trough the ether.

The show is very structured with different segments and contains both knitting, spinning and sewing. I like that it’s structured, it makes it so much easier to follow and if you miss anything important everything important is written down in the show notes. Sometimes they change segments but not all of them at the same time and just enough to make you feel progress in the show at the same time as it’s still familiar. It’s a very nice balance.

Gigi is from Germany which makes me feel we have a certain connection, both being European, and Jasmin is only two ears older than me and has a daughter called Geneviève as is my niece and they are both born the same year so I can relate to Jasmin too, which I like.

One segment is called “On the needles” where Gigi and Jasmin tell about what they’ve been knitting on for the past week, since last week’s recording, and especially Gigi, who obviously has more time since there is no toddler to look after, has always the most delicious things on the needles. She’s gotten me interested in dress socks and in almost everything she knits. I often need to go back to the show notes too look up what they’re both working on.

Every week there is also a review, often of a pattern book. At first I thought that they weren’t critical enough but in one show they mentioned that they only review things that at least one of them like so a review is quality assurance in itself. I rather like that even though I don’t know if they haven’t reviewed something because they didn’t like it or because they haven’t got to it yet. I like very much that especially Jasmin is very pragmatic and consider if a design is wearable for any body types or if it’s something that could be worn at work. Those are important things to consider and sometimes patterns and designs are shown in pretty pictures and sweet colors even though the actual garment isn’t that special at all.

Overall it’s a very enjoyable podcast, it’s fun and both Gigi and Jasmin are quite funny, Jasmin more directly while Gigi has a dry humour which I appreciate a lot. They are both very loveable, wise and take on very interesting subjects and they are not afraid to say when they dislike something as well as when they like something and that makes me trust their opinion. I will definitely continue to listen and I recommend you to as well.