What a week! It’s been like crazy at work, questions, questions, e-mails, phone calls, questions and more questions. I’ve been almost dizzy when I get home and haven’t been any fun at all, just tired, hungry and grumpy. Today is no different, it’s been hectic but there has been three awsome things to lighten everything up.

#1. I got invited to a really nice party in about a month and I’m really looking forward to it. The invitation came totally out of the blue and made me really happy and surprised.

#2. There was yarn i min my mailbox!wpid-DSC_2212.jpg

A purple little package with delicious content. Back in July I joined a yarn club that will ship me yarn, pattern and what else you might need to knit the pattern (except needles) three times; mid-September, mid-November and mid-January. Isn’t those dates picked with the outmost precision? In September you get a little sad that the summer is over and you could really use some yarn. In November you get a little sad (unless you are smart, like me, and have made sure to put your birthday in November to lighten up the month) because it’s gray and no leaves left, it’s the ugly part of fall, it rains and Christmas is far away and you could really use a yarn shipment. In January you get a little sad that Christmas is over and that there will be no more lights and no more vacation till summer and if you’re not smart, like me, and has put your birthday in November, it will be a really long time till you get presents again, and you could really use some yarn to make you happy. You see, perfect choices of months to ship yarn.


The colors are quite delicious. They’re called Key Lime and Wild Berries and are from Stunning String Studio. I think I prefer this way of a surprise instead of a mystery knit along, since I get the entire pattern at once (it will be release September 15) and can decide if I like this yarn with the pattern or not or if I should use them on something else. I really like the colors, I think they are pretty bold, which obviously was the point. It is the Bold Colors of Nature Club after all.

Getting yarn in the mailbox is pretty awesome and not much can beat that but my number three does.

#3. I’m going to be an aunt again. I need to plan my knitting!