Flimsy princess?


First time tonight at bobbin lace class for the semester. I choose a new lace, Prinsessudd, that would translate into Princess Point or something like that. Aparentely it’s a bit flimsy on

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the right side but holds up somehow anyway. I don’t know what that says about the designer’s view on princesses but no princess I’ve ever known (and yeah, I know a few) has ever been flimsy. Quite the opposite, they’re all strong, independent people you can count on to have your back no matter how the wind blows (that’s right, Sar-berry, Lyndsey-bean and Captain Gwenelle, I’m looking at you). One day I might tell you more about these particular princesses.

For now though, since all of my princesses live in a land far, far away, I have to settle for the lace. I had to thread all the bobbins before I could begin and even though they were only ten pairs this time it took almost all class. Threading bobbins is really rather boring meditative and it was just at the very end of class that I could start the actual lace so I have no real image of how it will look. You’ll see eventually though and then I can evaluate if this is a lace worthy of being addressed as Princess.