A plate?


It’s just as I predicted. There is only a few rows left on my beret and the it will be done. It required much less yarn than I thought so now I’m thinking about a matching cowl. I haven’t decided yet but I’ve seen some cute ones at Ravely. I have so many project ideas now that I fear that the Christmas knitting will suffer. I have the yarn for it but not the time. Or, I do have the time but not the will. Instead I just want to knit shawls for myself in delicious yarn. Not a bad way to spend delicious yarn but Christmas will arrive whether I want it or not and I prefer to be on the safe side regarding time on that particular deadline.

But, back to my hat. I’m really excited about it but since it’s lace it will probably need blocking and I wonder how to do it. Jenny has suggested a plate and that’s not a bad idea. Perhaps with a bowl on top. We’ll see what I come up with. I have the last rows to finish first.