Easy, breezy, complex

I have a great combination of projects on the needles right now. I have one that is quite complex and have me frequently look at the chart and one that, at least this first part, is quite easy and I don’t have to think much. Since different situations call for different amount of attention, it’s good to have multiple projects.


This is my beret and since I’m still at the charted lace on the top I need to be concentrated. Perfect for afternoons when I need something to get my mind off work related stuff. It’s also okay for uncomplicated TV shows.


This on the other hand contains so far mostly of stockinette stitch which was very good last night at my book club meeting and today at theater rehearsal between scenes. It wouldn’t do to have to count and constantly look at a chart while you are in a discussion about the book we’re reading or while you await your big entrance. It wouldn’t be nice to my co-actors to leave them on the stage trying to cover up just because I “just had to finish the row”.

The beret will be done soon though, which is good for my ears because it is getting colder every day, but a little worse for my perfect combination of projects. It won’t be so perfect anymore. To make things easy I might just as well cast on another lace beret.