Hey good-looking!


Well, well, well, look what’s blocking! My Suki was done yesterday and put to block. Now I have yet another shawl. Actually there are a lot of shawls around the apartment right now. One on top of the couch. One on the bedspread. One in the far corner of the couch. And one on a hanger in the hallway. They look like little kittens. Looks like I’ll be Crazy Shawl Lady before I become Crazy Cat Lady.


The binding off took forever though. Over 300 stitches and a picot bind off. For every three stitches I bound off, I had to cast on two stitches, that also needed to be bound off. Then every little picot point had to be pinned out in the blocking.


They look like a little pin army. In fact, because there were 140 little points, I ran out of pins.

I’m really happy I was done by the end of August, the eight month of the year and this is the eight project I’ve done this year that is for me. I’m in step! And, I do have plans for the next four projects (or at least three of them).


Today marks the first day of September so I took the opportunity to make myself a nice cup of chocolate. Chocolate and knitting, just like Miss Marple.


Also, I’ve wounded the skein from yesterday, the one that will go so well with a brown shirt. I think I’ve found a great pattern too.


But first this little baby will be first. It’s fall and soon I will need a hat. And mittens. And perhaps a scarf. Ah, knitting’s in the air!