Wanted – future recipient wearing brown shirts

Once again it strikes me how there are no ugly colors. Some months ago I bought a skein of yarn online and when it arrived to me I realized it was not at all what I had hoped for, it’s not my colors at all, and I hid it in my stash while I forgot all about figured out what to do with it.

For some reason I found it in my stash the other day and by some sort of impulse I took it out and left it in the apartment. I’ve been looking at it, I’ve realized it’s still not pretty (on the other hand, the same colorway in a worsted weight yarn from the same brand looks muck prettier. Still not my colors though), and I’ve shown it to friends.

Last night it was laying on my blue kitchen table while my friends where here and I moved it to the wooden chest that I use as a coffee table when we cleaned up after having tea. This morning, when I was sitting in my armchair by the coffee table (it should be tea table since I don’t drink coffee at all), happily knitting on my red and orange shawl, I look up and that’s when it hit me.


This yarn looks wonderful next to something brown! It was all about how to match it. No wonder I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, I rarely wear brown. But now I can totally see this yarn becoming a shawl worn over a deep brown shirt. I actually had gotten an idea on what to do with it but now that I’ve realized what this yarn’s purpose is, I don’t think I want to go ahead with my plan anymore. This yarn is destined for something bigger than I had thought and now I need to find out if there is someone I know that wears a lot of deep brown shirts and would love a shawl to go over said shirt.

If you know someone who is willing to cherish this yarn (and the shawl it will become) the way it deserves and equally willing to wear it always and often with a brown shirt (and perhaps a brown skirt too), then please give me a call. This yarn should not be wasted on boring things just because it’s knitter doesn’t happen to wear brown very much.