The perfect combination


What a lovely Friday night! I’ve been looking forward to it all week and made preparations. Sunday I cleaned the entire apartment (well, I had help), Tuesday I made chocolate chip cookies. Thursday I made brownies (a potentially sad story that turned out beautiful, I didn’t have a baking tin that was big enough so I had so make do with a smaller one which made the brownies-to-be much thicker than planned. I tried to compensate for that by leaving them in the over for another ten minutes and then I put the baking tin to cool. When I tried to cut the brownies I realized it wouldn’t work out at all so I put them in the oven again. But by then it was really late and I was too tired to even know my own name so I took the brownies out and went to bed, deciding that I would look at them in the morning instead and possibly have another go in the afternoon. I might have been full-blown a little fustrated too. This morning though the brownies were a piece of cake to cut (pun intented) and tasted divine so all is well that ends well). Today I made some last minute cleaning and brew tea and this evening three of my favorite knitters gathered at my place for some cookies (besides the brownies and chocolate chip cookies we also had “sticky cake” (a chocolate cake that is really good) that one of these wonderful knitters had made) and a lot of knitting. Friends, cookies and knitting, the perfect combination.


We talked about knitting and about work and about life in general and so much, much more. It’s great talking about one’s stash

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and projects with everyone knowing exactly what you mean (and don’t think you’re a lunatic for loving yarn that much, no I do not have an unhealthy relationship to yarn, it is in fact very healthy, it keeps me from going insane). We all had lovely projects that we admired, there was a lot of nice yarn around and fast, clever and experienced movements of hands and knitting needles.


I made goood progress on my shawl too and am now at the lace boarder. I wanted to knit something really delicious in honor of our get together and since I’m really happy with my shawl-in-progress and the yarn, I choose that one. Maybe I can have it finished by the end of the weekend…

Thank you, dear friends, for a lovely evening, I had a really good time! Let’s do it again very soon!