Summer of beads


During this summer I’ve had a MKAL (mystery knit-along) on the needles. I ordered a yarn kit to go with the pattern, the colors were very summery and had wonderful names like sprout and petal pink and there were even beads.


When my yarn arrived I was thrilled and a little scared. Light pink and lime green, summery and possibly not wearable for anyone over six years old.


Then I spoke to a lady in a yarn store and we discussed colors and she said it’s interesting how we can say that some colors doesn’t go together or miss-match when at the same time you can find those colors together in nature and have no problem with them. Nothing in nature ever miss-match. Then I decided I was peased with my color choices for the shawl and proceeded boldly on (I’m pretty sure this was not what Jack Halberstam ment but I made an interpretation). Those are nuances of my favorite colors after all.


This also made me on a constant look-out this summer for the pink-green color combination.


I’ve might have developed a tiny obsession with geraniums. (There is one in

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a garden close to my building and I kind of want to take a picture of it but I don’t dare doing it during the day in case the people living there might see me. I have thought of going there during night time though and pretty much the only thing stopping me is that it’s too dark at night to photograph it well and that I get tired in the evening.)


Well, back to the project. This is the summer of… by Cindy Garland, knit with two colors of fingering weight yarn with a lace pattern.


Every clue gave a new part of the pattern and also a different piece of lace or construction.


I’ve worked with beads a lot before but then I’ve threaded the beads onto the yarn before the knitting started, now I got to use a small crochet hook to attach the beads. Quite genius even if it takes some extra time to add a bead.


I liked it though because I got to use my great aunt’s crochet hook that she used to crochet lace many years ago. I like when women reach out to each other across generations to help out with crafts. I also like that my great aunt lives on in this way (and in the million of small crocheted lace table cloths that are in my mother’s linen closet), that she may not exist in this world anymore but that the same tool that she used almost daily to create beautiful things, I can now use in my turn also to make beautiful things. She’s not here anymore but her tools and her projects are still with us.


I ordered a yarn kit from Stunning String Studio, colors Sprout and Petal Pink, which gave me more than enough of each color to finish the project. It also provided me with beads and stitch markers.


It was super easy to get the yarn kits even though it had to be shipped overseas. My only concern was that it seemed to be just enough beads in there to finish the project which made me pretty freaked out every time I dropped a bead. I might have dropped about ten of them and could only find about five (they are small and disappears easily, you can barely see them from above and even though it’s easier to spot them from the side they fall on the floor and me being a, in comparison, huge human and the bead being a very small, well, bead, it is hard to have a look at them from the side). In the end I had five beads left which I think was cutting it short.


The yarn is less bouncy than I had hoped but still a perfectly good yarn.


I like my shawl. I do, even though I have some concerns.


I simply think there is too much going on. There are two contrasting colors. There are two different types of lace besides the boarder lace. There is a garder stitch striped area and there are beads. It’s just too much. That’s also the hard thing with a mystery KAL, you can’t be sure you’ve picked the right colors because you have no idea what the design is.


Also, I’m not sure I like those bigger holes in the lace. At the beginning I really disliked them and they are growing on me but I’m still a bit sceptical.


I think this shawl is best worn wrapped aorund your neck rather than layed smoothly over your shoulders. That way it’s not too busy. If I make another one I will probably choose different colors, I saw a white and blue combo that I liked, and perhaps loose the lace diamonds on the main colors, but keep the boarder.



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we had a little problem getting it out of the tree after the photo shoot. I bet it was the colors, it liked being in nature.


The best part though is that I managed to block it into the exact size the pattern stated. No shawlette here. Quite a different from that little Misty Meadow shawl, right?