Tea time

Some people say it’s fall already but I disagree. It’s not as if you see sign of spring in January so why start looking for autumn in August? Plus, the weather has been lovely even though August. School has started though so I know the fall is close but I refuse to see it until September.

That doesn’t mean I can’t start preparing for September already now. I mean, there is only a few days left of August. I’ve picked up fall colors for my knitting and I enjoy them. I’ve bought a new sweater that I also enjoy very much. And I drink buckets of tea.


The other day we got three packets of tea from a co-worker as a thank you for all the help we’ve given him. It’s all red tea, which I really like. My favorite of the three┬áis strawberry and sallow thorn. We also got one with a lot of citrus in it and one with champagne and chocolate. The latter I don’t appreciate as much as the former. It’s weird, I really like chocolate in any form except tea. I don’t know why but I’ve tried two different teas with chocolate and I didn’t care for any of them. But that’s okay, there are so many good teas out there anyway.


I think the absolute best tea I’ve tasted though, was this one that Agnieszka bought home from Poland. It’s pear and marzipan! Marzipan, I’ve never had that in tea before and it’s soooo good. It’s adds that perfect sweetness without being insipid at the bottom of the cup. I never have any sweetner in my tea, nor milk, but this has just a hint of sweet which is simply lovely. Marzipan tea, oh yeah!