There is nothing like a promise of a chance to win yarn to make you knit like a maniac. Two days ago Jenny told me that pictures for our summer mystery knit-along should be up on ravelry by Sunday and then you had the chance to win some yarn. I hade barely just started with the lace boarder when other more interesting knittings stole my attention a few weeks ago, mainly because I wasn’t really sure I liked how the shawl was coming along. When Jenny said this however, I realized a deadline was probably just what I needed to get the shawl finished and I figured that if I could be done with the knitting by Saturday and blocked it over night I could have pictures up on ravelry by Sunday afternoon. Sometimes it’s very good to be more than six hours ahead of time.


I knit like a little maniac yesterday, “she’s a maniac, maniac on the floor and she’s knitting like she’s never knit before” (a song I really like by the way, I am a dancer after all). No, that’s not really true, I think the time when I had a wrist-warmer deadline coming up and I was to knit ten pairs of wrist-warmers in a week, then I knit like a maniac. I was doing outdoor theater that week and knit between scenes. I was supposed to be carrying some clothes covered in blood in a bowl across the stage (the scene was commonly called “I carried a watermelon” by the actors because of the shape of the bowl and the silliness of the whole scene – that’s the only thing that charecter is doing, carrying a bowl of clothes across the stage (anyone who has seen Dirty Dancing knows what I’m talking about). The clothes the actor get to wear are really nice though (and not bloody at all)). For me it was great because I could hide the knitting under the rags that were supposed to symbolize clothes. Had it been indoors I could of course have just left the knitting on a table or so when my entrance came up but this was outdoor and the stage left entrance was directly from the street where people were walking and biking so I simply stuffed the wrist-warmer-in-progress in the bowl under the rags and made my entrance.)

Well, back to the maniac knitting at hand, I finished the lace boarder earlier today and could put the shawl to block. Do you remember my blocking problem from earlier this summer? Well, I’ve solved that one and today I could put it to great use.


Two boxes of kid’s play mats, perfect for pushing needles into (plus you can make up really long and intricate figures at the same time), nine mats in each box.


I had to use ten mats and four edges. I don’t really like blocking, I think it’s hard to get everything even and smooth but at least now I didn’t have to worry about any carpets or towels being too small, now I could just move the mats around as I wished.


So, the whole shebang is blocking and tomorrow I will take some pictures. The shawl is better now that it’s finished than before but we’ll know for sure what I think about it once it’s dry. Stay tuned.