My friend Rachel has given us a little challenge in her blog Tossing the script. Five questions to be answered to tell a little bit more about ourselves. The questions are harder than you’d think and the balance between telling what someone else wants to hear and be boring, and telling the truth and be suspected of needing some kind of therapy, is a close one.

1. Who is your best friend?

I have many close friends, I really do. I have friends who have known me for many years and I have friends who I got to know just recently. I talk to different people about different things, things I know we have similar views on and things we are equally interested in.

My best friend though has many good qualities but the best one for me as a knitter, is that she is often kind of cold and therefore loves anything knitted and will wear it all the time. I think she has more of my work that I do myself. Once I was talking to one of our a mutual acquaintances who found out that I’m a knitter and mentioned that my friend is also a knitter. No, she’s not, I said. I’ve known her well for almost half my life and I can say with certainty that she does not knit (I actually tried to force her to knit a few stitches once when we were giving a handknit sweater to another friend but she totally refused, but she helped out in other ways instead). “Oh,” our mutual acquaintance said, “but she’s wearing so many handknit things.” Yes, indeed she does but it’s all me. Could there be a more perfect friendship – a knitter and a cold one (and not “cold one” in the Twilight-sense but cold as in chilly and freezing).

2. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Well, I love that I’m a quite accomplished knitter. I also love that I have a decent yarn stash. I love that I am the kind of person who can look into her yarn bins and start a project at 2 am. I love a lot of other things too but let’s take one thing at a time.

3. What is the best meal you’ve had this year?

That’s a hard one, I don’t know. I don’t know what I’ve been eating really but Julle makes darn good food and so does my mum. Perhaps the best meal is my mother’s meat sauce with pasta and then a Swedish lent bun (semla) for dessert.

4. If you could dine with any historical figure, who would you choose?

Hm, perhaps one of the Pankhursts… I would want to know their views on what would be the next important issues to fight for after the women suffrage was won.

5. What fictional character do you  most relate to?

I once took a test in a book who told you which Jane Austen character you were most alike. According to the test I was most alike Mary Crawford, the only person in that book that the author didn’t like and repeatedly scolded. I hadn’t read Mansfield Park then but when I did a few years later I could not understand what was so horrible about Mary Crawford. Sure, she chooses money and nice dresses and parties over her love but in a time when marriage was the only way of making a carreer, can you blame her? She knew she couldn’t be happy on a vicar’s salary and wasn’t it the wise thing to do then, to back away instead of engaging herself in a life that she would dislike as soon as the first strong crush wore off? I can’t say I see any similarities between me and Mary Crawford other than that we might both be pretty pragmatic, but I think she is a character with more depth than you might think (especially next to that utterly boring Fanny Price whom I couldn’t stand after 200 pages).

6. What recently made you laugh out loud?

This morning when I read an unecpected e-mail from a co-worker. I can’t reveal the content though but it was funny (funny because it was true).

Well, there you have it, my answers to Rachel’s questions. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!