Plan in progess


So far my plan to only paint with the good colors has worked out great. Ice cream colors. Mango, pistachio and strawberry.


The plan to make small and quick projects also goes well. My little ice cream project is now blocking on the apartment floor and I only have to sew it up, weave in ends and add buttons. The button part is not to take easily, it’s quite boring to add buttons but I’ve found some great looking ones that will hopefully be a joy to sew.

I can’t believe though that it takes longer for the project to dry after blocking than it takes to knit up. Luckily I can’t knit on something else while it blocks. I’m a little obsessed with the yellow actually. The yarn is Marks & Katten, Eco Baby Bomull but the color, which I have no idea what it’s called since the ball band is long¬†gone,¬†seem to be discontinued. It’s sad because it’s truly delicious.