In search of something delicious


It seems I’m always in search of something delicious to knit. It’s not entirely true but my mood gets much better when there is something delicious around. Not every project is delicious, some are just great, others are okay and they can all be enjoyable for me as a knitter. It’s just that sometimes I really need something delicious. Some projects are delicious from the picking of the yarn, others from the pattern, some from the combination of yarn and pattern, some from the first few rows and some doesn’t show their deliciousness untill the last stitches.


Right now I need something delicious. I’m a little tired of never getting to finish anything, the pink and white jacket takes forever and I need a break. I’ve told you before about my, after what it seems according to knitting patterns, abnormaly long arms and now I’m in the middle of knitting a sleeve for one of those arms and I just need to finish something. There are other projects that I could just put some effort into and they would be finished but that won’t do it, not this time. I need to start something interesting, something delicious and then finish it.


Therefor I’ve been roaming my stash and come up with yarn for two projects I’ve planned. I don’t know yet whether they are delicious but I intend to find out, soon.


In here are a shawl and a beret. Hopefully pattern and yarn will work out great, get along well and help me get over my sense of hopelessness for the never ending sleeve.

Off I go!