Peace Ambassador


A few weeks ago I mailed the Cartographer shawl I made, to the Knitting Peace call for knitting. I figured the pattern would work well with the general theme of the show Knitting Peace.

I didn’t expect anything after that, I mailed it and that was that, I just hoped it would be appreciated somewhere by someone. Today though I had a card in my mailbox.


Isn’t this the prettiest card ever? A knitting card (I have it on a T-shirt too that I bought

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when I went to see the show), designed to look like an old address tag on a package or luggage. The shape is intriguing to say the least and so is the font and meaning. I’m going to put it up somewhere where everyone can see it.


The card told me that my shawl will make it to the knitting exhibition that will go with the show when they travel to Prague in September. My shawl is going to Prague!


This is especially suiting since it has already been to a Slavic country – Poland (hopefully it picked up some of the language, even though Polish and Czech are not the same, they are both Slavic lanugages and have some similarities). The picture is taken in Warsaw in front of a statue that represents creativity. That’s what it means, tworczosc – creativity. I mean, what else should you do in front of the statue of creativity but knit?


Here is the knitting outside the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, also in Warsaw. A very adequate place for a Knitting Peace project. I hope this means that the shawl got filled with good intentions and a peace-making power.

Unfortuntately though, this project had it’s needles pulled out of it by somebody who thougth they (and perhaps also me) were dangerous (the needles that is, not the person (though they were kind of dangerous in my opinion)). There is karma for you, and oh, all the metaphors that can be drawn from that. The most important thing though is that despite the needle pulling (yeah, bald guy, I’m looking at you, I don’t go around stealing you golf clubs or whatever you like to do on your spare time, I hope you’re cold) this project was unstoppable and ended up being a lovely shawl that is now continuing it’s journey around the world, trying to make peace, stitch by stitch, and this time no one can stop it.


Have a safe journey, little shawl!