In between me-knitting


Last year I finished a total of 37 projects. Eight of those were for me. Among those eight projects were a hat, a pair of socks and six pairs of wrist warmers. This made me make a decision to only knit for myself this year. Then there was the babies. Friend after friend told me they were expecting a baby so I started knitting. I could never forgive myself if I didn’t welcome a little newborn to the world with something knitted just because I’ve decided to knit for myself this year. So I knit for the babies and I knit for the toddlers, because they are so cute I could never leave them out, and I knit for the parents because they are truly worth it too. My decision to knit only for myself has been reduced to a decision to knit myself at least twelve things that takes a little more effort, one for each month which is pretty good I think, a decision I’m much more comfortable with than the original one.

During the spring it was knitting for babies and during the fall it will be knitting for Christmas but right now, before the Christmas knitting starts, there is time to knit for me.