And then it was Sunday again

So this is Christmas. And what have you done? Except it’s not Christmas, it’s summer and summer vacation it is over. Five weeks of Saturday has now ended in a Sunday and tomorrow it’s Monday. So what have I done? Well, I’ve watched many episodes of the West Wing TV series.

Also, I’ve biked for many, many miles across the country along the Göta kanal.

I’ve had a lot of ice creams (the one to the right is mine).

I’ve visited a weaving mill and bought myself a table cloth.

I’ve climbed a mountain.

I’ve made my first painting and I’ve talked to very intelligent people who both told me it would look good on fabric for curtains or furniture or for china.

I’ve had close encounters with rein-deers.

I’ve been to an amusement park.

I’ve met the wire ladies in the Bikini Klub by Veronika Psotokvá.

I’ve bought a lot of yarn. A lot. About two scores. I love every single one of them and every single one will end up into something delicious.

I’ve been to the Abba museum.

I’ve been to a chocolate factory.

I’ve been on multiple boat rides (at least four).

I’ve swam in the lake.

I’ve improved my shawl sizing.

I’ve been to Norway for the first time (and scored some Norwegian yarn!).

I’ve fallen in love with locks.

I’ve had a great lunch with my cousin whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

I’ve been to the Radio museum.

I’ve held a nine days old baby whom I don’t have any pictures of. Yet.

I’ve had good food and good drinks and I’ve had a pretty good time. Most of all though. I’ve knit many, many stitches, all over the country (and in Norway too).

This is from yesterday when I was waiting outside in the sun for a parade. I think it’s important to color code your clothes to match your knitting, don’t you? No, I’m kidding but I sometimes end up doing that anyway. I think this picture captures at leaset a part of the summer in nice way and that’s what I’m going to remember along with all the other stuff I told you plus a lot more. Today is Sunday.

Tomorrow is Monday.