Jaså, är det här ni är?!*


I couldn’t bring my knitting with me today. That was sad but other than that it was a great day. One of those you will remember after your summer vacation is long gone. One of those days when you later say “do you remember when…”.


First we went to the ABBA museum. It was really great, I think they’ve done a great job and I totally think it perfect for a bachelor/bachelorette party or just a group of friends who want to have a good time. You can record an ABBA music video, a song and perform with ABBA on a stage. We didn’t though because we were busy reading about all the facts and look at everything and by the time we got to the more interactive parts we were pretty hungry.


These are the real clothes that they used during the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton 1974, the Waterloo outfit.


They had built a sewing room to show the start of the spectacular outfits that ABBA wore and I really wanted to get behind the glass rail and start botanize among the fabrics and glitter and sequins and sewing machines. No yarn though. This studio in all it’s simplicity looked just great and I want one of my own one day.

Obviously I will remember more than the sewing room from the museum, it’s really worth visiting no matter what interests you the most in the ABBA saga. Personally I’ve always found the story of ABBA a bit saddening because of the split up and the many songs that reflects the sadder years leading up to that, with divorces and such, even though the songs are great but I can’t help but think that maybe One of Us or The Winner Takes It All are really about themselves and how they felt there and then. So I was more interested in the earlier years and how they all met and started singing together.


After the museum and some well deserved dinner (yes mum, we went to Blå porten and did so yesterday too) we went to Gröna Lund, Stockholm’s amusement park. I haven’t been in over ten years so that was great fun.


I thought I would chicken out on many of the rides but I didn’t and we did almost all of them. I was much tougher when I was younger, then I wanted to ride everything I was tall enough to be allowed on, now I think about security and what happens if something breaks and such, and I get motion sickness easier than before (even though I should not complain, I can knit in the car and I can usually read in the car too (knock on wood!) except when the road is too hilly and has too many turns).


Well, nothing broke and as I said, I managed much more than I thought I would do and more than that, I had a really great time! (I never doubted that I would have a really great time.)


I did realize I’ve become older though. In one of the rides you get to make a wish for which pop song should play during the ride. I think those music choices should be silly but catchy, something that everybody can sing along to and that is (or has been) frequently played on a dance floor but few people choose to play at home. My suggestion was Spice Girls ( I should really have realized that kids that are 10-15 years younger than me have no relation what so ever to Spice Girls) but someone else shouted Miss Decibel, and here is where I get old. I thought they meant this song, from 1978, catchy and a little silly that people have heard but no one listens to anymore.

Then the ride started and they did play Miss Decibel. Only this is apparently what the kids mean by that:

Also good but a little different from the first one… Yep, older is what we all get. But I comfort myself with the thought that in 15 years these kids (then not so much kids anymore as more middle aged) will go on that ride and someone wishes to hear You and they think it is the teenage pop idol Robin Stjernberg but instead it’s a new growler that everyone under 16 know by heart. It’s true what they say that youth is wasted on the young.


We stayed till the place closed and now grandma needs to go to bed so she will have the energy to knit tomorrow.

Oh, and why I couldn’t bring my knitting? Well, they don’t allow loose objects to accompany you on most of the rides and I wouldn’t dare leaving my knitting on the ground without me close by. One of the kids might think it a rare artifact from the stone age and tries to sell it to a museum.

*The title comes from a Christmas sketch, Mormor gråter (Grandma cries) by the comedian Jonas Gardell about a family that tries to celebrate Christmas according to all traditions but fails due to too high expectations and everything is hopelessly funny but also a little sad. In the middle is Grandma who nobody really has time for, she is that older relative that you invite without really knowing what to do with. Grandma is most often forgotten somewhere, in the kitchen or in the living room and when she finally finds the family again she happily and curiously exclaims “Oh, is this where you all are?!”.
I promise, the sketch it hilarious!