Leg warmer


It has been a rainy but still nice day. The morning was sunny but by the time we were going out the rain poured and umbrellas and raincoats were essential.


We went into town to have dinner before we went to Parkteaterns (Park teater) performace tonight with the stand-up comedian Marika Carlsson. I’ve seen her before and she is just amazing. You get to laugh, you get to cry and you can decide what kind of person you want to be in the future, the one who looks away or the on who acts.


It didn’t stop raining until about an hour before the show started and it was wet everywhere but I could sit on my raincoat on the ground so that wasn’t so bad. Also, this being an outdoor show, I could knit without having problems with the light and without disturbing people around me (even though I don’t know how anyone can be disturbed by knitting but I’m sure there are one or two out there how thinks it abominable.


The first half hour was a little chilly but then it got better, probably because the rain had really stopped and the sky was clearing up.


The best part about having a half finished knit jacket with me was that when I got cold I could just put it in my lap to warm my legs. That’s some seriously nice wool there so my legs were warm and cosy. Yet another advantage about bringing a knitting with you everywhere you go, it fills its purpose to warm you even when it’s not yet finished.

I’m pretty sure you are kind of tired to see that knitting again and again but what can I say, I better finish it before summer ends because by the beginning of September all I would want to do is cast on something red or orange, colors that I don’t care for at all right now when there are pink and blue flowers everywhere. So you’ll have to bear with me for just another few weeks.


There were also some boats.

Now, I’m back on my couch and I will try to make as much progress as possible on my pink jacket to finish it as fast as I can so you don’t have to look at the unfinished thing here on the blog for much longer. Then I’ll be wearing it so people who meet me in person will have to look at it instead.