Back-up stash


I have relocated for the week, not far and not away but to another place I sometimes call “home”, and as most knitters, the first thing I did was to plan my knitting and then pack it. What to knit and what to bring? Estimate how much yarn I will need for the next few days. There are a lot to take into account. What will the weather be, do we have a lot of no-knitting-possible activities or are we pretty open. What if I get bored with the project(s) I’ve brought and really start wanting another one? Or should I deprive myself from more interesting knitting so that I will actually make some progress on the one that need some work done? They say hunger is the best spice and maybe that’s true about knitting too. If I really don’t have anything else to knit on, how long will it take before the urge to knit is greater than the reluctance towards the project?


What really concerns me is that I have to leave my stash. I know it will most certainly be safe where it is and that I will meet it again in a few days time but still, what if I really start to miss the sock yarn under the bed? Yarn is comfort, especially the non-knit yarn (yarn that is actually still yarn instead a garment made from yarn) and what if I need the comfort that only an unwinded skein of hand-dyed merino can bring? Not to mention what I should do if I run out of yarn for my project. The solution is obviously to bring yarn for every contingency but sometimes you have to be realistic, there is a limit to how much I can knit in a few days, even if it should rain everyday for a week, or a snowstorm would make it impossible to go outdoors (not that there are that many snowstorms in July but you can never know about August, that’s a deceitful month who irritatingly often seems to forget that it’s actually a summer month and therefor should really stop flirting with September).

The best would be if I had a back-up stash. A small but well-equipped stash that has everything from wool to cotton, from lace to chunky. That would really be something, because even though yarn doesn’t weight that much, it take up space i my bags. Space that could be used for, let’s say a warm sweater should the aforementioned snowstorm actually happen.

Or maybe I should just try to keep to one place at a time.