How to help cure a sad knitter

Today was one of those days. You know, one of those days when you start to cry inexplicably just because you’ve been through something hugely sad some time ago and that hugely sad thing keep affecting your every movement and every feeling and situation that you go through, for a long time afterwards. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out what causes the tears and sometimes you have absolutely no idea and it’s better that no one asks why you cry because you don’t have an answer, it’s just one of those days. Today was one of those days. And to add stone to burden, I had a headache.

Despite this I have managed to do the laundry, put clean sheets in my bed and cleaned out and tidied up the shirt shelf in my closet (the messiest shelf but not anymore!).


had some errands in town too so after the laundry was done we went down town. Someone had scattered the pavement with small silver heart and it was quite adoable.


It helped ease my mind a bit, you know, the random beauty of life that you need to be reminded of sometimes.

And lo and behold, the day went better: First I found an adorable shirt that will perfectly match my latest knitting project and also, I found a yarn sale! It was only cotton yarns that were on sale but I have found that if you stay in a yarn store long enough you will find something that you can’t bare not to have in your stash. The longer you stay the more you find.


I was there for quite some time but I stayed with the yarns on sale and scored more than 20 skeins for a very reasonable sum. Now I have ideas for many, many baby sweaters (I figure that even though I have done my share of baby sweaters this year, I’m sure there will be more next year and as I’ve said before, babies grow so it’s good to be prepared. Plus, maybe there won’t be any more yarn when I decide I want to knit for a baby next time, or mabe I get the most inspiring sweater idea that must be realized immediately despite it being two o’clock in the morning or five in the afternoon on Christmas Eve (maybe I’ll get beautiful Signature knitting needles for Christmas and must try them out at once (yes, in Sweden Santa comes knocking on your door in the afternoon on December 24th))).


The day continued with chocolate dessert, something you definitely deserve on your sad days (and most other days too).

Also, on our way home from the yarn store, Julle explained how he likes looking at yarn and how he feels comforted when entering a yarn store, especially in the winter. He went on to tell me his plan for how to best store my stash, when we move to something bigger, in an illuminated book shelf with glass doors so as to get maximum exposure while still protecting the stash from dust. Am I in love, or what?

Now, I’m going to watch as another knitter, Miss Marple, solves a dreadful crime while wearing the prettiest of hats, while I make some progress my cardigan.