Getting better

I can finally show you my bike trip knitting. I figured a shawl would be good knitting for a trip, fairly easy especially since I didn’t get to the lace before I got back home.


It’s Misty Meadow designed by Cindy Garland.


The yarn is Malabrigo Yarn Sock, color Tiziano Red and Velvet Grapes.


I just love how the colors work together. They are the same tone but still contrast each other and work perfect during the most shawl-used seasons – fall and winter. It’s simply a very elegant shawl but then again it’s made for a very elegant woman so that’s perfect.


Since I’ve done another one of these before it was very easy to memorize the lace pattern. I really enjoyed everything about this project. The yarn is wonderful to work with, the colors matched, the needles were a pleasure to hold and everything was ju working out perfectly.


That lace is really clever. I like how it’s different and that it’s made from one side of the shawl to the other making a lace edge.


I didn’t modify the shawl one bit except I made back-loop increases instead of kfb (knit in front and back) increases to try to make the upper edge stretchy enough. I really was trying not to get a shawlette this time.


The shawl hanged graciously on a rope at the playground during the entire time I was photographing it and just by the time I was done the wind caught it and it fell on the gravel. It even lied on the ground graciously.

The best part of it all though?


It’s bigger than my first Misty Meadow! That means that my goal to stop making shawlettes is one step closer.