Interesting in forever


I have cast on a new project. Pink and white in a silk alpaca blend. The yarn is lovely and the structure of the knitting is interesting and fun. Also, the combination of colors is simply irresistible, it’s so sweet that I could eat it. Everything is right. There is just so many stitches! And, me being tall means that I need to add many centimeters to the lenght of both the body and the sleeves. Ah, the sleeves. When I knit I often wonder why people never comment on what must be my morbidly long arms. Or maybe it’s not my arms that are weirdly long and instead it’s the fashion industry who doesn’t understand that a few centimeters of fabric around your wrists can really mean a lot for your body heat when it’s minus 20 degrees Celsius (4 degrees Farenheit) outside. (Thank goodness I’m a knitter and that I really like making wrist warmers ’cause I sure need them).

So yeah, it’s a great piece of knitting (and so far a great pattern too), it will just take forever and there are not many things that keep being interesting in forever. We’ll se how it goes.