Summer surprise

When I finished the Fairy Web shawl a few months ago I still had some yarn left and I hadn’t gotten knitting lace in that yarn out of my system. I knew I didn’t want a lace shawl for myself in that yarn but I also knew I wanted to knit one. What to do? Not many of my friends are so in love with the color pink (weird!) that they would want a lace shawl in it but my urge couldn’t be reasoned with. Then it hit me, I do have one friend who likes pink and whose fashion style can sport a lace shawl. Excellent! And off I went to find a pattern that worked with the amount of yarn I had left.

Forest_Beauty-6This is what I came up with.

Forest_Beauty-3It’s Forest Beauty by Tetiana Otruta.

Forest_Beauty-8It’s actually more of a scarf than a shawl really but either way it’s very pretty.

Forest_Beauty-1The lace part was kind of hard to memorize and I had to use the pattern frequently.

Forest_Beauty-10The yarn is DROPS Lace from Garnstudio, color 3112 Powder Pink. I’m quite happy with it.

Forest_Beauty-4The shawl is really light and delicate, really romantic, a perfect summer shawl. Perhaps something to cover your shoulders with during a church wedding ceremony or to dress up an otherwise ordinary but comfortable outfit for a summer party. Or just something to feel pretty in whenever you want.

My friend will have a baby in a few weeks time and I took the opportunity to add a matching baby cardigan to the package.IMG_0759This is lila[c]loud by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne knit in Malabrigo Yarn Lace, color 17 Pink frost.

She has no idea there are knitted goods in the mail for her and I really hope she will enjoy this little summer surprise.