Something must be done


As you can see I have a problem. This is my finished Color Affection but I just can’t block it properly. I simply don’t have enough space and something must be done. I  also should have some of those blocking wires but for now the most urgent problem is space. If I’m going to try to make bigger things than shawlettes (I think I did a pretty good job with this even though it might be 7 cm shorter on the length than the pattern stated and about 15 cm shorter on the width but still pretty good) I need somewhere to block them. The towel is too small for this one and the carpet is also too small. I can see kid’s play mats shaped as pieces of a puzzle to be moved around and put together as I please (or the project requires) in my near future. I might re-block this one then. And some other stuff that look a little dishevelled in the edges due to too small a blocking space. It will be awsome!