Second Sleeve Syndrome


I’m procrastinating. A few weeks ago I picked up a toddler sweater pattern that I’ve been ogling for a while. I found the perfect yarn in the perfect color and happily cast on. Then the problems started. The pattern is poorly written and quite often expects me to guess what I’m supposed to do. That hurt my motivation a bit but I continued and I believe I made correct guesses most of the time. The needles are small though and a toddler is apparently much bigger than you expect. I finished the front and I finished the back and then I picked up stitches for the sleeve. Now, the sleeve is much bigger than I thought (sleeves for kids usually are since most often they are supposed to fit a grown-up hand that comes in to collect the kid’s arm when the kid is getting dressed) and it takes forever to knit. I’m almost done with the first sleeve but by the way I’m procrastinating you could think that I believe that the second sleeve will knit itself, which I highly doubt it will (I mean, I’ve left it alone for three weeks and nothing, I say nothing, has happened, not so much as an inch). This is a classic knitting problem, the dreaded second sock or mitten or in this case sleeve. The part where you have already knit a lot and are finished with an item but then

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there it is, the little problem of you having two feet and two hands and yes, two arms, so you have to knit it all once more. A lot of single socks has gone down this road, it always ends badly. Mittens too but I’m determined that won’t happen to this sweater. It will be done. I’m just going to give it a few more days to try to finish by itself.