Net knitting

Along Göta kanal there are a lot of little handcraft stores and of course I couldn’t go past all of those without buying a single skein of yarn. Although, my self-control was really good, you should be proud because since I knew I couldn’t fit as much yarn as I would probably want to buy, in my bike bags, I bided my time. Also, it really helps being a bit of a yarn snob sometimes (it usually sucks in that aspect that most of the yarn I want cost a gazillion amount of money (hm, considering how much I spend of yarn maybe I should insure my stash)) but this time it stopped me from emptying the content of one of my bike bags into the canal to be able to fit wool.


In Söderköping though, our last stop, I splurged a bit. Actually, I saw a type of scarf that I’ve seen before and it has never really cought my eyes. This time was no exception until I saw it combined with a sweater. It looked really cool! So I started talking to the lady who sold the yarn and she explained how the knitting was done and showed me on her own knitting and I was hooked.


I picked out four colors and I’m looking forward to knitting it. It’s not what I usually would buy but it was quite cool and totally different.


You see, it’s not so much string as it is a net (very fitting since it was a bike trip along a  canal and I didn’t go a single day without looking at many, many boats, the yarn stuck to the theme). It’s supposedly a fast knit as well. To be honest though, I totally bought it because the lady was such a sweetie and promoted it with such honesty and entusiasm that I was completly swept away.

I’m still swept, we’ll see how it turns out.