Bike bag fitting knitting

I’ve continued the sorting out. I brought a new knitting with me on our trip, a new Misty Meadow shawl. I figured that it was interesting enough and simple enough to bring. Also, since it was a shawl, it would grow fairly quick, I could easily make it longer if I was close to finishing it and it didn’t require mich measuring. Also, apparently bike bag companies think of knitters when they make their front bags (the ones you attach to the handlebar), I could just perfectly fit three balls of yarn next to each other at the bottom of the bag. On top of it I could fit all my other necesseties like wallet, handkerchief, a shirt, camera and other stuff.


This knitting was a very good decision despite the fact that I didn’t have much time to knit at all. Since the Misty Meadow started as a mystery knit along the pattern is divided into five clues and I thought it would be fun to try to make one clue each day. I cheated and started ahead before the trip with clue one but that didn’t help as when we were in the car back home I just started the lace border on clue five.


Now back home though, I’ve made good progress on the lace and hope to be finished soon. Almost half of it is done and I just love the yarn and everything about it. My other knittings at home though are not as appealing as this. Although, there is nothing more satisfying than finishing a knitting that is not tempting so I might hurry up with that toddler sweater after all. But not until my shawl is done.