Sorting out


Fist day home again. No locks at all. It’s been kind of weird not to be on your bike, we actually took a walk downtown instead of biking (when we went to the open air dance floor in the park in the evening though, we took our bikes). The post-TUBT-13 depression has been kept in it’s place by biking next to the river and looking at some boats. We are also scouting boats on the Internet. What would one do without a boat before bedtime?

Always when you’ve been on a trip and gotten back home there are things that need to be sorted out. There are things to unpack and gifts to be given (unless you are on a bike trip and can’t bring more than you can carry every day and your only free spot, your carrier, is filled with uwanted food that you had to buy in Sjötorp because there are no ATM:s there, then you don’t have any gifts to your near and dear ones when you come home, instead your gift is that you stayed out of their way during the week you were out biking), clothes to be washed, flowers to water and bills to pay and keep up with everything that has been neglected while you were away.

Today I’ve started the sorting out. Obviously I started with the most important – the knitting. I told you a few weeks ago that I’ve entered into another mystery knit along and I missed a clue during our trip. I didn’t want to bring it since the clue wouldn’t arrive until late in the week and it includes beads and a tiny crochet hook that once belonged to my mum’s aunt, an excellent lace crocheter (that crochet hook as already tried to stab me twice while sitting down in my armchair, there is no way I would bring it on a bike trip where it could get lost or stab me or just about anything in my bags while biking. Plus, you don’t mess with Aunt Vera’s crochet hooks).


So I’ve catched up on my mystery shawl. The colors are so very summery, sprout and petal pink from Strunning String Studio, and look like a bonbon together and this knitting is truly delicious.


This knitting is so sweet, sweet as a lollipop, both because the pattern is lacey and cute and the colors are also cute and darling and on top of all this we have pink beads. You can’t go sweeter than that. Yesterday in Söderköping I met a knitter and we talked about colors, that some colors clash but if you look at a summer meadow you will see flowers and plants and grass in just every color imaginable and it doesn’t clash at all. This is what I thought of when I chose these colors together back in early June. Sprout and petal pink together, I thought it might be too sweet and childish but then I remembered that these colors go together in almost any flower pot available, and doesn’t like neither too sweet nor childish. It’s pretty and that’s what I’m going with. This shawl is pretty and I love the colors!

I just really hope I won’t end up with another shawlette.