TUBT-13 Göta Kanal Edition. Day #8 – final day

We are done. The trip is finished and we are back home again. It’s been an unbelievable trip with both highs and lows.

Some statistics:

Total amount of kilometers covered: 324,92 km (202 miles).
Total amount of kilometers biked: 281,59 km (175 miles).
Locks seen: 58.
Canals: 2 (mostly one).
Mini golf courses: about 7, apparently thats’ what Swedes on vacation do, we play mini golf.
Games of mini golf played: 0
Overturns: 0
Tips: 1 each, mine especially pretty ridicoulus since I lost balance from standing still on my bike and tipped onto a lawn. Didn’t hurt one bit.
Cuts and wounds: 2 cuts and some bruises, me from hitting my legs on the pointy things on my pedals.
Band-aids needed: 1.
Band-aids available: 0.
Lorries passing us: thousands.
Weaving mills visited: 1.
Table cloths purchased: 1.
Balls of yarn purchased: 4 (and I was restraing myself).
New knitting techniques learned: 1.
Museums visited: 1.
Cousins visited: 1.
Hills defeated: many.
Boat rides: 2.
Amount of Polish boats spotted: 4, all pretty spectacular.
Weddings crashed: 0.
Weddings we wanted to crash due to lack of food: 1.
Amount of food places closed between 2 pm and 6 pm: 4.
ATM:s spotted: 1 (in Linköping).
Ice creams eaten: 6 each. Some huge and some a little smaller.
Best flavoured ice cream: salty caramel and lemon meringue.
Times we’ve refilled our water bottles: 15 each.
Best combined activities: watching the locks while eating ice cream.
Best boat seen: Lazy Lady from Gothenburg.
Kind people met: hundreds.


We started the day by having breakfast in the open air outside our hotel.


Since we were going to be picked up early in the afternoon we spent the day walking around in Söderköping actually touristing a bit more than we’ve done before.


Obviouly there were a lot of boats. Boats make the canal come alive at the same time as it’s soothing and calming. It’s a bit of an oxymoron, alive and also calm but after 6 pm when the locks are closed it’s almost too quiet along the canal unless you are in one of the towns where there’s a marina. It’s sort of weird to see the canal without boats.


We went into stores along the port. This one sold boat gadgets.


Obviously I got stuck at the handcraft table. They had some really pretty things and had some clever solutions and ideas for baby hats and wrist warmers and so on. It was nice talking about knitting with knitters again. We also went into a handcraft exhibition were they also sold their items and I got to talk to even more knitters. We all agreed upon that it’s unfair that it’s the knitting time that is always cut into, that you only get to knit after everything else is done, work, taking care of the kids, do the dishes and so on. Although, I wonder if it would be as nice to knit if you did it for a living.


Söderköping is a cute town and it acutally has two canals.


This is the second one, just a stone’s throw from The Canal.


They also have great ice cream.


You could literally get a bucket full of ice cream. We didn’t but we did have ice cream and watched some locking.


This was the last locking of the trip. I will really miss it.


And this is the last glimpse of the canal for a while, taken from the car window when we left Söderköping. We’ll be back though, the canal hasn’t seen the last of us.


Last but not least, again we’ve found crop that we have no idea what it is. Could anyone help us out? Ulrika?

Tomorrow I’ll show you my canal knitting.