Something must be done


As you can see I have a problem. This is my finished Color Affection but I just can’t block it properly. I simply don’t have enough space and something must be done. I  also should have some of those blocking wires but for now the most urgent problem is space. If I’m going to try to make bigger things than shawlettes (I think I did a pretty good job with this even though it might be 7 cm shorter on the length than the pattern stated and about 15 cm shorter on the width but still pretty good) I need somewhere to block them. The towel is too small for this one and the carpet is also too small. I can see kid’s play mats shaped as pieces of a puzzle to be moved around and put together as I please (or the project requires) in my near future. I might re-block this one then. And some other stuff that look a little dishevelled in the edges due to too small a blocking space. It will be awsome!



I’ve rested a little and are now more fit to tell you more about my little trip north. Many, many miles equal many hours in a car which makes for good knitting time. I did drive some of the way too, the part where to road was so up and down and turned frequently so it was impossible to knit without getting motion sickness anyway.

Most importantly…
I did sit on the bench under the fir tree and knit. Not for long, I admit that, but I did knit.

We hiked up the mountain, Ränningsvålen, mum and I. The fir tree is about half an hour walk uphill.

The last part we were escorted by a herd of rein-deers. I’m pretty sure they were a little tired of us because they kept walking in circles around us almost all the way down and then also later in the afternoon when we took a little walk. I’m sure they said to each other “Look, those two again, can’t they just stay put!”.

I also knit up on the mountain, 932 meters above sea. It was windy and I had to hold on tight to my needles.

As I said before we also went to Norway and Röros.

Röros is an old copper mine village and so pretty. I’ve never been to Norway before so that was great fun.

Isn’t this the prettiest police department building you’ve ever seen?

This was fun too, the sign says bookstore but they only sell men’s clothes. Instead the real “Amnéus Boghandel” was located somewhere else, not far away from the yarn store where I got my Norwegian yarn.

Sorry about the crappy picture but I assure you the knitted products made by this will be beautiful.

Aparently there has been a wool factory in Röros but now unfortunately it’s a hostel.

We also stopped at a rein-deer butcher to get some sausages. Tasty!

My knitting is now becoming well-travelled.

I like how this rein-deer respects the traffic regulations, remembering the right-hand traffic.

The same evening we got some less well-behaved visitors in the garden.

And not just the garden, the entire village got called upon.

The last two pictures are taken from the kitchen window. There were about 20 rein-deers visiting. They left in a hurry though.

The last day before we left we made a stop in Tännäs and bought bread.

Tännäs has Sweden’s highest located church, 648 meters above sea.

It’s really beautiful. All that light and the colors. Lovely!

I’ve already told you about the Bikini Club in Lillhärdal but it’s worth mention again.

The ladies look so comfortable up there on the roof. Our star reported wrote a great piece about the exhibition.

Besides the ladies on the roof Veronika Psotková also showed us the piece Sauna, about seven men in a very confined space, a sauna. It’s interesting, the contrast in how the women in the Bikini Club are free and can take up space while the men in Sauna are stuck in a narrow little room.

On our way home we stopped at a big yarn store. I love their sign.

The visit resulted in some additions to my stash.

Good bye Härjedalen, till we meet again!



Home again


I’m back home again after a seven hour drive. I’m pretty tired to I’ll just leave ju with the same picture I gave you last Sunday. The Fir Tree (you can see the sign although it’s broken in two) seen from behind. And what is that, lying on the bench? Is it a knitting perhaps?

I’ll tell you more about my adventures tomorrow. Sleep well!

Bikini Club

They say nothing ever happens in the countryside. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s all about luck, who you know and how open you are to meet new people.


This is the exhibition Bikini Club by the artist Veronica Psotková from Czech republic shown on the roof of the culture center in Lillhärdal. It was total luck that we happened to be in the area right now and that we happened to know a star reporter who new about this and who was covering it for the newspaper and offered to give us a ride.


Such a cool idea and great piece. The Bikini Club sculptures are made of layers and layers of wire net. It almost looks like it’s knitted, it’s amazing what you can do with string.


A part of me wants to knit her a bikini bottom instead of the painted one but maybe that would ruin an aspect of the art and I would never want to do that (even though I can’t really see how you could ever ruin anything with knitting).

Norwegian colors


We went to Norway today, me, my mum and my knitting. We stopped in the little village Røros

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where everything is quite pittoresque.


It was a bit rainy but nothing a good old raincoat couldn’t manage.


We also went by a butcher to pick up some rein-deer sausages, quite delicious I must say.

I also managed to score some bautiful Dalegarn.


I’ve never seen that in Sweden so I am quite pleased.

It felt suiting to go to Norway since by coincidence my knitting sports the Norwegian colors.


It could be French colors too, and quite some other countries’ as well, but today it was a tribute to Norway.

Follow that rein-deer!


We climbed the mountain today, me, my mum and my knitting. 932 meters (just under two thirds of a miles) above sea and it was very windy.


It’s lucky a knitting is attached to the yarn ball, otherwise this one would have disappeared up in the air like a helium ballon.


We were escorted both up and down by a group of rein-deers and it’s quite hard to remember to stay on the track when you’re watching a rein-deer at it goes off in a different direction. You kind of just want to follow it. We did stay on the right track though and managed to get both up and down without difficulties.

Gone north


Yes, safely arrived at our destination, hungry but pleased. You can tell by the rein-deers that we have gone north. Aren’t they cute?

Under the Fir Tree

Today has been all about preparations. I’ve baked and I’ve done laundry and I’ve cleaned. There will maybe be a shortage of posts the following days because I’ll be going to a place where there is not much on an Internet connection.

There might not be good Internet connection but on the other hand the sun barely sets and life is different and easy in it’s own way.


I’ll sneak down to the bridge and watch the sunset after midnight (and fight off mosquitoes). I’ll hike the mountain, solve cross word puzzles, listen

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to audio books and hang out.


I’ve carefully prepared my knitting. Three skeins of Malabrigo sock that will hopefully turn into something that will warm me in the winter. I think all those boats got to me last week, because there’s something marine over the color choice. I’m pretty darn excited about it.

But yeah, if you don’t here from me in the next few days, you’ll know why and you’ll know I’m fine.


I’ll be sitting on this bench knitting under The Fir Tree (it says so on a sign) while again fighting off mosquitoes.

See you later!

Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest

Today’s subject is very far-fetched as it is a play of words in Swedish. The word for jack-tar and an older word for ghost are the same in Swedish – gast (you can see the relation between the words ghost and gast). In the Swedish translation of Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest, known mostly from the TV-series about Pippi Longstocking (probably also the only place where I’ve heard the word gast used as a word for ghost too, her attic is supposedly filled with gastar (pl)), the fifteen men on the dead man’s chest are fifteen jack-tars but when I was a kid I thought it was fifteen ghosts on the dead man’s chest. I know it’s far-fetched but it was really all I could think of during the entire photo session and now when I look at the pictures (except for the ones with the shawl among the currant bushes, then it looks like a snake. I really hope these associations doesn’t put bad karma in the shawl…). That led me to associate the pictures with the song. Look and see if you agree.


This shawl looks exactly as a gast! A ghost up in a tree, relaxing while waiting for night time when it’s time to fly around town and scare someone uncareful enough to be out and about when the ghost is out.


That’s obviously not the case though, I haven’t knit a ghost (or?). This is Cartographer by Heidi Kirrmaier. I knit it for Cirkus Cirkör’s project Knitting Peace and thought the pattern appropriate since the call for knitting asks for knits from around the world. This is my contribution and I hope this will warm and comfort someone.


The yarn is DROPS Baby Merino from Garnstudio, color 02.


I did the shawl a little longer since I wanted three sections with six squares, like all the other sections of squares, instead of just one section.


It’s such a pretty pattern. I wanted this shawl to be thick enough to be really warm and therefore I used a different yarn than the pattern called for and I’m happy with the result, I think it will fill it’s purpose.


I think it will be a little more chic with a lace weight yarn though and I might do one for me in lace.


Next step is to put the shawl in the mail, if it’s done playing ghost, that is.


Baby teal

It’s been a while since I showed you a finished project but I think there might be some things in the near future. To start with I’ll show you a baby cardigan that I finished quite some time ago but forget to blog about.


The pattern is Bruno from Yllotyll design. I don’t think Bruno is a very fitting name for my little cardigan though, since it’s more teal than brown. It’s quite pretty in it’s simplicity.


The yarn is Manos Silk Blend fino from Manos del Uruguay in color 2370 Steel.

Koftor_130610-5 Koftor_130610-3

I had to use two balls of yarn and the first one was done when I was done with the back and the lower parts of the front. It seems that the second ball was a little different in the color but I don’t think that’s bad. Because it happened just on the upper front and sleeves it looks even and totally on purpose so that’s what I’m going with. Especially since I didn’t notice until I was blocking it.


I did one modification. I don’t really like to crochet button holes on the edge of the garment so I used yarn overs to put them in during the knitting instead.


The recipient of the cardigan will have cousins with connections to Poland so I thought it appropriate to bring this project to Warsaw and I did some rounds here and there whenever I had a chance. Here the cardigan is with me at the Lazienki park where there is a palace on the water. In the background you can see the hunting lodge. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind living in that hunting lodge.


Me and the cardigan looking at the view from the Palace of Culture and Science.


Here we are at a square looking at the socialist realistic architecture (barely) showing in the background.

It’s harder to spot a knitter in the summer but if you look closely there might be something that betray us.