Non-portable craft


I’m on a lace deadline. Actually, I’m on two lace deadlines, which is even worse because I can’t do them simultaneously. Whit knitting I usually have a few projects on the go at the same time but with lace it’s harder. I do indeed have two lace pillows but I don’t have enough bobbins and without bobbins it’s not really bobbin lace anymore.

When I’m on a knitting deadline, I bring my knitting everywhere (well, I bring knitting everywhere with or without a deadline but when I’m on a deadline I make sure to bring that very project) and try to get as many rounds in as possible during the day. That’s kind of hard to do when making lace. The pillow is not really the ideal purse companion, it’s nothing you take out on the bus to do a few twists. I also think I would get a few weird looks¬†and comments if I picked up the pillow and placed it on the table¬†during coffee breaks at work.

So there is a lot of lace making to be doing the next couple of weeks. Here we go!