“Whoever said orange was the new pink…”

“…was seriously disturbed.” /Legally Blonde

Since my Fairy Web is done I’ve been looking for a new project. I’ve had a baby sweater on queue for a while and the baby will be here in just about two months¬†regardless if I’m done with this sweater or not so I figured I better get to it.

I cast on, decided that since my friend who’s about to be a mother will love the color, I get to choose¬†a pattern that I want to knit. Hopefully the combination will please us both. Don’t get me wrong, I like to color too, but not as much as I know the mother-to-be will do.


I had only knit a few centimeter when I realized it wasn’t going to work. Not because it looks bad or anything but because it’s an autumn color and I need spring on my needles as much as in my mind. The rust colored baby sweater will have to rest on the needles for a while.

I searched the web to find something that’s springy enough and found a lace scarf to cast on with left over yarn from Fairy Web.


As usual with lace it looks like withered sallad before it’s blocked but it’s enough to know what possible treasure is hidden in there. Yep, lace is the new pink. Especially pink lace.