Something delicious

This is what I’ve been knitting practically non-stop the last week. It’s been with me in sickness and in health, so to speak. When I had a sore throat last weekend, I knit on this. When I watched Eurovision Song Contest (Congratulations Denmark!) this was with me. At the lecture with Jack Halberstam, this is what accompanied me.

Yesterday we took it out for a little walk and it’s just the perfect color and the perfect pattern for spring. I said I was going to knit something delicious and delicious is what it turned out to be.

The pattern is Fairy Web from Garnstudio, one of the patterns that came with my big yarn order a few weeks ago (Thank you Tuptup!). Yarn is Drops Lace, also from Garnstudio, color 3112 Powder Pink.

It didn’t turn out quite as big as the pattern stated it should be but that’s okay, it still works out fine and I think it big enough. Next time I knit it though, I will make the bind off even looser and also the upper edge, which might be just a little too tight.

This was on my mind when I wrote about not being able to knit as much as I want to. It’s a small step but it is a step forward.

Fairy Web has been a good companion to me and I hope it will be the same to someone else as it moves along. It was nice getting to know Fairy Web, I hope we meet again.

The best part is that I have enough yarn  left over to make something else, eqaully delicious too.