Proceed boldly on

Have you ever been completely starstruck? You know, when you get so excited just thinking about seeing the star that you can’t stop bouncing. This happened to me today. I was to go to a lecture with professor Jack Halberstam from University of Southern California and just to think about it made me not being able to stand still nor talk coherently nor listen to anything my friends tried to say to me. With that amount of excitement built up it would have been almost impossible to calm down enough to be able to listen to the lecture.


Luckily I had my knitting. Usually I would have picked something simple in garther stitch for an occasion like this but today lace was the perfect thing. I needed something hard enough to make me focus and keep me from levitating from my chair and slowly float through the room (I’m pretty sure that would have been frowned upon). I actually made good progess too, at the same time as I took notes and listened carefully to every word.

Jack Halberstam even signed my book.


I wonder if the recommandation to be bold came from my not very bold but completely silly behaviour when I handed over my book rambling something about epiphanies and life-changing insights… Well, I’m going to follow the suggestion and proceed boldly on. I’ll start by picking up my knitting.