Gone and lost forever


I’m way behind on my knitting.

Not in a way that I’ve missed a deadline or anything, it’s just that I thought that I would be finished with a project by know so that I could start a new one but I’m not. I was obstructed yesterday afternoon and missed out on four glorious hours of uninterupted knitting time. The obstruction also made it impossible to continue today which means even less hours of knitting on this project being done.

The obstruction was due to a certain someone who took away my knitting needles, ruthlessly drew them out of an innocent almost-done baby sweater and a likewise innocent peace-making shawl while I gasped in horror (ok, there might even have been some tears)  because they were considered dangerous (apparentely in a way that a fountain pen is not) and now my 2,25 mm Knit Pro circular needles and my 4 mm circular needles are resting (at least I’m pretending they are resting) in a garbage can somewhere far, far away. I would say that I am a far more disagreable person when separated from my knitting than I am when it’s safely tucked in my purse, but the certain someone was obviously not aware of this.

I ordered new ones as soon as I had the opportunity but it will take some time before they arrive and I’m not a patient waiter without my knitting. Luckily there is other yarn in the world and other knitting needles.

I know this isn’t really a big deal but there is something very definitive about pulling the needles from a project and I don’t know any knitter who does it casually. It’s like a huge faux pas in the knitting world, a giant decision that you take very seriously. I was not ready for this to happen but now it has and by now I’m just about over it. I just hope the certain someone is cold.