Pink Dream

A few months ago I saw a wonderful pink sweater on display in my local yarn store. It was interesting, new and pretty and very, very me. It was knit in linen, a yarn I’ve never worked with before and I was immediately intrigued. I bought six skeins of pink linen and cast on.

Let me tell you, me and linen are not friends. Yeah, sure, if you drop a stitch it will nicely just sit there till you pick it up again but there is no stretch, there is no bounce, there is no forgiveness. I finished the back and started the front but then more urgent knitting deadlines came along (it might have been Christams, might have) and I abandoned the pink linen sweater.

Some months later, when my knitting deadlines where done, I picked up the sweater again. This time it was a little easier and above all faster, and I finished the front and a sleeve. Then life happened and I was not in the mood to knit a pink sweater anymore. But the second sleeve was haunting me. During Easter I reluctantly picked up the sleeve again. I detested every stitch and was in such a bad mood just by looking at it that people in my family fled when they saw me pick up the needles. Luckily the sleeve was as fast as the first one and pretty soon it was done.

The sewing up was okay but I had so little yarn left that I had to make the crochet edge around the neck line from bits and pieces and leftovers from the  sewing.

The result is quite lovely though, especially over the shoulders.Ina o co-4
Pattern is Rosa dröm from YlloTyll knit from Yllotyll Lin.

Sorry about the non-existing links. I will fix it when I’m at my computer instead of a borrowed iPad.


Edit May 13: Links are fixed!