One last row

When you go skiing they tell you that you should never do a last run down the hill. It’s during the last run you’re most likely to fall and break a leg. I find it’s the same thing about knitting. When I am in a hurry or off to bed and I think that I have time for just one more row, it’s undeniably the row where there’s a mess up (yeah, ok, I’m probably the one messing up the most but it takes two to tango, the knitting itself is not entirely without blame).

There is a dropped stitch that runs so far that you need a crochet hook to pick it up or you mess up your chart or I knit instead of purl, forget a button hole, doesn’t read the instructions or whatever the mess up might be. It’s always something that takes a lot longer to fix than it would have taken to just knit one row.

I guess these mess ups are because I try to finish the row very fast since I’m in a little hurry and I often under-estimate the time it takes to knit one row. I am a fast knitter in that sense that I can finish a project fairly quickly. This is partly because I can knit pretty fast, I’m good a memorizing charts and instructions but mostly this is because I knit everywhere all the time. A few rows in the waiting room at the dentist, a few rows during breaks at work, a few rows while my pasta water boils, a few rows in between scene at theater reherseal. That adds up and pretty soon I have a finished garment (if only that last row would stop messing with me). But this also makes me think that I can knit fast enough to make one last row but since I’m a little stressed out to finish it before the dentist calls my name, before my scene is up or before my pasta has almost boiled to pieces, I loose my concentration and inerrably there is a mess up. Luckily they are fixable though.

Blå sjal 2

I need to go prepare for tomorrow now. I’m just going to knit one last row.